Jaiden Frost is a two-time world-record-setting author, award-nominated screenwriter, and inventor of the "paper movie." With over a decade in the entertainment industry as a ghostwriter, he has had his pen involved with some of the most prolific artists of his generation. 

At Jaiden Frost Presents, the sole focus is creating Paper Movies.

Paper Movies are a form of visual storytelling that uses words like a camera—creating moving images, sounds, and dialogue inside the reader's mind to make a cinematic experience within their imaginations. 

It's the perfect blend of a movie and a novel.

Though they draw inspiration from screenplays, they are not similar in design. Where a screenplay is used to explain to the filmmakers how to create the story with their cameras, a Paper Movie explains to the reader how to create the story in their minds, much like a novel. But where novels differ from Paper Movies is the sole focus on the cinematic experience using the best silver screen: the mind. 

Paper Movies are designed to be read in the same time frame as it would take for someone to watch a movie. They can range in length from shorts that take only minutes to read to epics that take several hours.

With Paper Movies, the book isn't just better than the movie; it is the movie.