In 2021, Jaiden Frost Presents held the First Annual Frosty Awards, also known as the 2021 Frostys. These awards were presented to performers for their artistic and technical achievements in productions created by our studio, as determined by our members. The awards recognized excellence in productions spanning from 2019 to 2021.

The award ceremony was broadcast exclusively on YouTube in May 2021 and featured a unique presentation format. Each category was presented by a "Flurry," the nickname given to the models who presented the awards during the ceremony. 

This one-time event format made the 2021 Frostys a truly special occasion.

We are proud to have recognized our performers' incredible talents and celebrated their achievements in such a memorable way. As we continue to create and produce new works, we remain committed to upholding our highest standards of excellence.


Host: Rubella Frost

Flurry: Monica Soe

Flurry: Cat Ophelia Black

Flurry: Madelyn 


Flurry: Got Dorsey


Spanning a period of three years from 2019 to 2021, these productions encompassed a diverse range of musical genres and cinematic presentations. The nominees were evaluated based on their artistic and technical merit, focusing on their ability to bring compelling characters and stories to life. Our team of industry professionals carefully considered each nominee, who assessed their performances and contributions to the production as a whole.