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Based on your quiz results, the scoring system indicates your likely place of origin. Here's a breakdown:


People from the Cove prioritize family and a relaxed way of life above all else. They believe their family environment is everything and place great importance on their bonds with their loved ones. The pace of life in Beldam Cove is easygoing, and they prefer not to rush through things. For them, spending time by the water and allowing life to unfold naturally is the essence of existence.

 Community plays a significant role in the lives of Grimewoodians from Beldam Cove, as they value the sense of belonging and interconnectedness within their community. They are proud of their middle-class lifestyle by finding fulfillment and happiness in their close-knit community rather than constantly pursuing materialistic aspirations.

The pursuit of something greater or the need for constant progress may feel mundane and pointless to them. In Beldam Cove, life is meant to be effortless and enjoyable. Thier focus is on embracing the present, finding comfort in the familiar, and appreciating life's simple things.


People from West Grime place a high value on their culture. They prioritize acceptance and refuse to tolerate mistreatment or discrimination based on their differences. Respect is paramount in their eyes, and as long as you treat them with respect, they will have no issues with you. However, if you disrespect them, be prepared to fight.

Family and friendships serve as their lifeline. They cherish the bonds they form with others and rely on their friends for support and companionship. Their sense of identity and belonging is strongly tied to their cultural heritage, which they hold dear. They prioritize cultural values and traditions over material wealth or financial pursuits. Any attempt to undermine or tamper with their culture will likely have negative consequences, as they are fiercely protective of their customs and traditions.

In summary, individuals from West Grime have a strong sense of self-worth and demand respect for their cultural identity.  It is important to approach them respectfully and appreciate their unique background to foster positive relationships with them.


People from East Grime strongly dislike laziness and believe that constant movement and progress are essential for a fulfilling life. They have a mindset that what they currently have isn’t as good as what they could achieve. It's not about greed for them; rather, they deeply understand their worth and the value of hard work. The harder they work, the harder they can play.

Excuses have no place in the minds of East Grimewoodians. Instead of making excuses, they make plans. While they cherish their family and friends, they are quick to distance themselves from those who weigh them down or hinder their progress. Making themselves happy and pursuing personal fulfillment are of utmost importance to them.

In summary, East Grimewoodians have a relentless work ethic and a drive for constant improvement. They prioritize personal growth and are not satisfied with mediocrity. While they value their relationships, they are discerning about whom they surround themselves with, choosing those who support their ambitions. Their focus is on self-empowerment and maximizing their own happiness through hard work and dedication.